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This hand-produced batik embroidery design is suitable for events of cultural traditional, vintage, sundress and/or colorful garden floral print.

Batik design

When Royal meets Lagoon

When Royal meets Lagoon
Mother of the Bride

This mother of the bride chooses royal mid- calf dress to attend church wedding ceremony & lagoon gown for garden wedding.







He sets a good example

It is very admiring whenever I see husband buying presents for wife without her presence.

One of our customers from Vietnam, is definitely a role model for all husbands in the world whom soliciting gowns for his lovely wife in each visit to Singapore.

The gown you choose depends on individual cultural difference

I remember this particular silver gold full sequins silk gown scenario.

Singaporean: Oh, it looks like getai 歌台 style!  (live stage performance held during the Ghost Festival commonly known in Singapore)

Caucasian: Wow, what a red carpet dress!

Indonesian: I will wear it for my friend/ relative’s wedding in Indonesia. (Yes, she bought it finally)